Educational Development

Education is fundamental

We provide a comprehensive scholarship program that focuses on prevention. We Offer support in mentorship, academic and leadership development.

In most of our local areas that we are active, the community parents will not be able to send their children to university, but this doesn’t mean that our community youth will not or should not receive an opportunity to tertiary education. We are driven to make a difference in our community schools. Over the last few years, the Foundation has distributed more than 6000 school shoes, stationery packs, schools socks and shirts at different Primary schools. This year we had the opportunity to serve Petunia Primary, Webner Street Primary, Diepkloof Primary and P.C Petersen.

The aim of the program is to promote a student athlete identity, upskill community youth and prevent them from missing out on school. The foundation now make use of the serves of maths tutors and business teacher to assist boys.

Hi-Tec SA partners with BTD

In 2021, Hi-Tec has proudly partnered with an extraordinary organisation, the Be The Difference Foundation (BTDF). The BTDF is a non-profit aimed to empower the lives of South African children through education, nutrition and sport.  

Hi-Tec believes it all starts with education. “Our mission is to enable the world to enjoy the freedom of being outside. It’s through education we hope to make a difference in the conservation of our environment, inherently enabling our communities to enjoy the active outdoors. We are in it for the long run”, says Gary de Vogel, Hi-Tec South Africa, CEO. The brand pledges to make a cash donation per Jacket sold within their own retail stores. All proceeds will be directed to the education arm of BTDF, which is a comprehensive scholarship program focusing on support in mentorship, academic and leadership development. 

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