Nutritional Development

Serving hope to the future

The nutritional program was one of the first programs run by Be The Difference Foundation in 2014. Realizing that crime is picking up in the community, more people are sitting without work in the Kraaifontein community. At one point in time 17% of people in the Kraaifontein community where not earning an income and that would contribute largely to children going without a meal every single day.

A recent report on shows that 3 out of 4 children goes to school hungry in the Western Cape. In 2014 the organisation identified local areas that would not only benefit but has a high number of children aged between 1-17. The aim is serving children not only with a healthy meal but with lots of hope for the future. The program includes an active educational session with boys and girls mixed, empowering our community youth

The National lockdown had a massive effect on South Africans and the lost of income because of the pandemic saw a massive increase in hunger stats. During the national lockdown #TeamBTD serve 600-1750 meals a day, seven days a week’s feeding the need. Currently the Team is active in Strand, Ravensmead, Elsierivier, Scottsville, Wallacedene, Franschoek and Swellendam Buffeljagsriver serving hope.

Ellerman House partners with BTD

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